Welcome all, I’m glad you have taken time out of your day and have stopped by! Here you will enter a world of short stories, essays, my own little adventures, book reviews, and just some simple fun posts.

My main goal on here is to share the wonders of my mind. Since I was a little kid, I have had a wild imagination that takes me all the from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the craters of Mars. I gain inspiration from books, movies, music, social media, etc., anything that can paint a story in my head. I try my best each day to convey that through my writing.

My second goal on here is to make as many people happy as I can from sharing my works. It brings me an overwhelming amount joy of seeing others happy, and I hope I can accomplish this some time throughout my process.

My writing journey has only begun and I hope to see you there supporting and going through it with me. Much love and appreciation goes to you all!



In no way am I stealing, copying, or trying to completely imitate any sources of my inspiration. I’m sure there will be many things you read that will sound familiar or similar to other books, movies, etc. I simply get my inspiration from those and that is how my writing is shaped.

Also, a majority of the images I use are NOT my own. I use Google Search and find pictures that I feel best fit my posts. Although, there a few that are taken by myself, family, and or friends, most again, are NOT mine.